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Strava lets you record walks, share with friends and see your progress. Whether you’re getting in steps or want to start running, you can do it with Strava.

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Share Your Achievements

Get encouragement from friends and millions of others walking with Strava.

A graph displays overall weekly training progress for a walker on Strava.

Analyze Your Progress

See a detailed breakdown of each walk, plus an overall look at how you’re improving.

A 3D map with an orange polyline displays a route from a Strava activity.

Explore New Routes

Browse popular roads and trails, or go your own way with our walking route planner.

Stay Motivated With Walking Challenges

Lace up and tackle walking goals by distance, time and more.

Join Millions of People Walking With Strava

Popular Walking Clubs

There are over 4,000 clubs for walkers on Strava – ready to find yours?

Follow Other Walkers on Strava

People motivate people. Follow, give kudos, find inspiration.

Get even more stats. Pair your fitness device with Strava.

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